Services Offered

Retail Store

Our retail store is open for:

  • FFL transfers: $50 first/ $10 additional
  • Firearms and accessories sales
  • Show room
  • In person inquiries

Custom Staccato/Prodigy

Contact us to begin your custom project.

Signature Scroll Staccato/Prodigy/2011 packages start $2500.

  • Our bespoke Iron Monkey scroll engraving on the slide, frame, beaver tail, and safety selector.
  • Full 12 step hand polish from 200 grit to 2000, finished off on the buffing wheel for a mirror finish on the full firearm.
  • DLC/24K/Rose Gold coating on barrel, extractor, slide, frame, beaver tail, and safety selector, mag release.
  • Matching finish grip screws.
  • Matching finish optics screws + receiver pin.

Await a 40% deposit invoice from IMRW. Once paid, send your firearm to our shop.
Include our customer project information sheet in your package.
Ship within 7 days of payment to Iron Monkey, 8302 NE Bothell Way, Kenmore, WA 98028.
The minimum lead time is 10-12 weeks after we receive your package. Once completed, we will contact you to fulfill the remaining balance.
Firearm not included.


Plating Services

Starting prices listed, varies with size.

Our expertise in coatings and platings allow us to provide the highest quality polishing and plating services for your firearm.

Pistol Slides

  • 24k Gold Plated Slide: 375, +50 barrel
  • Chrome/ Nickel Plating: 349, +50 barrel
  • Black Chrome Plating: 375, +50 barrel

Full Pistols (Steel slide, frame, components)

  • 24k Gold Plating: 749
  • Chrome/ Nickel Plating: 749
  • Black Chrome Plating: 749

AR15 (Upper receiver, lower receiver, buffer tube, hand guard, disassembly)

  • 24k Gold Plating: 1299
  • Chrome/ Nickel Plating: 1299
  • Black Chrome Plating: 1299
  • Rose Gold (very few applications qualify): 1299


  • 24k Gold Plating: 1999
  • Chrome/ Nickel Plating: 1899
  • Black Chrome Plating: 1999

Additionally, as coating professionals, we understand and consult our customers on best plating options for the longevity and functionality of the firearm.

PVD Coating

Starting prices listed, varies with size.

Although electroplating is beautiful, we understand its limitations in longevity and functionality in the firearm, that's why our company stands behind Titanium Nitride + PVD coatings. There are much fewer firearms that are applicable to TiN + PVD coatings but the advantages are undeniable.

Pistol Slides

  • TiN Coating: 399, +50 barrel
  • Black DLC Coating: 399, +50 barrel
  • Champagne Rose Coating: 399, +50 barrel
  • Chameleon Coating: 399, +50 barrel

Full Pistol (Steel slide, steel frame, components)

  • TiN Coating: 799
  • Black DLC Coating: 799
  • Champagne Rose Coating: 799
  • Chameleon Coating: 799


  • Despite being a very cool idea, TiN or PVD does not allow any two parts that are touching to be coated. Due to the complexity of disassembly, grinding off rivets, and reassembling an AK, this coating is simply not an option for an AK unless its completely stripped and coated before assembly.

Engraving Services

Contact us for custom engraving estimates.

NFA Lasering

$100 per engraving meeting all NFA requirements.